Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Best dancers ever: Olivia, Channy, Tory, Beav, Chase, and MOI! It was so much fun getting into reDONKK outfits once again and dancing around the halls of Kenan. Going out in style as I like to look at it. I have come to love the people in our class and think it's awesome that we all get along so well, even when Andre surprised us by switching up the groups. Somehow we still pulled it together. Our original group had the idea to do 80s theme because of the flamboyant colors. I don't know why I thought bright colors would aid in the 3D experience, but I chose clothing that was bright and crazy. I guess I thought that by having bright colors, it would pop out more when viewed 3D! I was wrong :( When we actually got the footage on the computer I noticed my super fabtastic bright neon pink tights were just plain white BOOOOO! Oh wells, now I know color doesn't matter. I am sad that we weren't able to complete the tweeks necessary in class to create our 3D Movie and view it, but it gives us something to look forward to for next class. I thought the process of making a 3D movie would be much more complex then it was. I figured we would need 2 cameras to achieve it, but I thought we might have had to use gels that corresponds with the colors we used in our 3D glasses. I didn't know you could do it all in AfterEffects, which I thought was crazy awesome. I also loved making the 3D glasses, although I wish I was more creative. I just can't wait to see the end results next week and see our hardcore dancing skills in 3D form! WHOOOT!

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