Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok, let's rate these suckkaaassss:

1) RHYTHMIC EDITING- I LOVED this! It was a good way to start off the semester with your partner and you got to learn a lot about them and what they like to do. I never heard of Rhythmic editing before until I hung out with Joe and I saw the one he did of Genna. The way he flashed through the shots was intriguing and I wanted to watch more! I loved that we were giving guidelines on a certain "beat" we had to follow. I would have never thought about that before, and it gave the video a whole new spin. I will definitely use this technique in the future.
2) LONG TAKE- How can you not love this? It was a beautiful day and there was beer involved. No seriously though, it didn't feel like just a film class I had to go to on a Saturday. It was fun playing dress-up and acting. I think the reason I loved this so much was because you were involved in every aspect of it from pre production planning out "script" and character blocking to processing the film right before our very eyes. Fun times!
3) MULTI-PLANE ANIMATION - Stop animation was the only form of animation that I understood and enjoyed. Although it was 4hrs of constantly moving an object not even an inch every couple of seconds, I enjoyed goofing off with my group and the final product was AH-MAZING.
4) 48-HOUR FILM RACE - If you know me, you know I stress really easily about assignments. When this assignment was first brought to my attention I remember thinking, ok definitely buying lots of coffee that weekend. Phew and I was right. I already had committed to doing a photography shoot that weekend so I was mad swamped and stressing out. I was shocked that everyone was so casual about it and it only took them a couple hours. I put over 12hrs into mine, but I'm really impressed of how it turned out. I work best under pressure.
5) CAMERALESS - I really enjoyed doodling, painting, staining, scratching, etc the film strips, but I was sad how fast it went through the projector. I felt like all my time and energy that was put towards close detail was useless. Well now I know not to put too much energy into the design and keep it more loose.
6) FOUND FOOTAGE - Being it was the last assignment I felt like I could have put more time into it, but I had so much other things going on with final assignments, papers, projects, etc. for other classes. I also did something similar in intro to editing so it wasn't exciting since I've already got my feet wet in a similar assignment.


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