Monday, March 22, 2010


Being an artist of different mediums myself, whether it be photography, painting, ceramics, or film I too would be upset if someone took my original piece of work and tweeked it to make it reflect what they thought was right like in the Molotov Man article. Using my piece of art to portray a different meaning would be insulting. This was a hard article to choose sides with because I saw both sides equally. I could argue both sides, yes a moment in history shouldn’t be owned by just one person, but on the other hand if you were the lucky one to capture that perfect moment why shouldn’t you have the rights to it. You put your life in danger and had the right equipment at the right time to get that photograph; you should have complete control over it. It is a hard debate. I do however feel that if you ever “copy” or include someone else’s work into something new you created, you should credit the other artist out of respect. The only shady aspect of “copying” without crediting is if you try to sell your piece. I don’t think you should gain money from something you re-created off of someone else’s work, that doesn’t seem fair, unless you get full permission from the other artist. The other article talks about adapting ideas from already existing ones. I believe when it comes to novels/book, songs, and movies it is hard to come up with a fresh idea. Looking at movies nowadays everything is adapted from something else whether it’s an already existing book, a true story, a sequel from a previous movie, a story in current news, etc. It’s like everyone has run out of creativity and art now has to start from something that already exists rather than from scratch. As humans, we learn through other people. I know a lot of my ideas for artwork have come from things I’ve already seen and already exist in the art world. With this in mind, I would I agree with the second article. I found it interesting how this article also talked about how Disney steals a lot of their story ideas from already existing stories, but yet the question is never raised of where they got it and they have never been sued for copyrighting.

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