Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kamurlisssss Philmmaking

Cameraless filmmaking is AWESOME. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like it or not when I first signed up for the class, but now I see how much fun it is. I love that cameraless filmmaking is so open and you can let your creativity run wild, no restrictions. I’m a very creative person and knowing that I can experiment with different mediums in order to achieve an image on the film strip is exciting, but at times difficult.
The artist inside me loves details. When I paint/draw I try to include every little detail into a picture and that’s exactly what I found myself doing, trying to paint/draw every little detail on a little 16mm film strip, yeah, not happening. So far I have really enjoyed working with different materials, like ink application, film scratching, magazine transfers, frame animation, and rayograms contact printing. My favorite so far is the magazine transfer technique, but maybe that’s because I’m a big fan of abstract art and LOTS of colors. I do have to say that I’m more of a fan of a film that has direct meaning that anyone can read into, whereas with the cameraless filmmaking we have done so far it’s more of a blur of color/text/images/shapes. I feel like I can’t appreciate the film or take it all in because in a matter of seconds it’s over and I have nothing to interpret. But maybe that’s just it. Maybe I shouldn’t be interpreting it, but more sitting back and enjoying the show of color. I feel as the class progresses I will try to put meaning behind my work as well as maybe hidden messages, even though the viewer may not understand or see it, I’ll know it’s there and I think that will comfort me. The Rayograms contact printing was fun, though difficult to see. I was so pumped to put my objects onto the film strip then flash the lights. I did learn that the heavier the objects, the more clearly it would show up when we exposed the film. Yeah rice was a no go. I think my film strip came out great J I’m really excited about the random shapes that resulted from this process. I love how we were able to see our results immediately after and be part of the end processes. I always have a new appreciation for things when I aid in the process from start to finish. It makes me feel like I put my all into the project.

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