Saturday, January 30, 2010

S Y []\[] E S T []-[] E S [] A

The first thing I thought of while reading this article on Wiki was the movie, “August Rush”. In the movie there is a young boy who can hear music from things no one else could even catch a beat from. He hears it in the wind, on the streets of the city, in lights, etc. They even call him a “music prodigy”. I believe in some way we all are synesthetes. Basically, if you answer yes to any of these kind of questions you are a synesthete. Do you see the color blue when listening to the LADY GAGA? Do you taste salt when you see a stop sign? Does the smell of fresh rain make you see a certain letter in the alphabet? Congrats, you have a form of synesthesia. After reading about synesthesia and what it really means, it made me to think of who is really right? Who says the color “white” is really white. Could we all be seeing the same color white, or is my white your purple who is someone else’s green? Hmm weird right? This “condition” is when your brain mixes up all your senses and now something that you see, you begin to taste, or maybe even smell, etc. I think it would be AWESOME to experience this for a day, but only a day. I’m sure I would get annoyed with it if it was something that I had to live with on a day to day basis. How awful would it be if every time you went to brush your teeth you smelt dog poooooooo or when you saw the letter “G” you heard a JoBro song! Yikes! I do believe this is a beneficial “condition” for artists because they can let their creativity flow without even thinking about it. One sense triggers another which can lead to a master piece. One can correlate this idea of synesthesia to film, especially to experimental films in which you scratch, bleach, ink, etc. the film strip in order to create a flamboyant color show. I found it amazing how the Scratch Film Junkies film manipulation matched the music that accompanied it. Somehow they were able to make their designs and drawings perfectly match a beat. Soon a shape forming before your eyes takes on a specific color and even a certain sound. As exciting and interesting synesthesia is, I don’t think it’s for me. I feel like I’d be too distracted if I was trying to study for a test and while doing so colors were illuminating around the text of my book. It would be more of a color/picture book to me then a college text book, oh wells.

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